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The History of Shields Date Garden

Floyd and Bess Shields came to the California desert in 1924 to start Shields Date Garden. Their goal was to work hard at educating their customers about dates and their cultural practices. In the beginning, Mr. Shields gave lectures in the garden. As the popularity of his lecture grew, Mr. Shields produced a slide show, which today is a 15-minute film titled “The Romance and Sex Life of the Date”. This film has become the symbol for Shields and runs continuously during store hours.

In conjunction with the film, Mr. Shields propagated his own date varieties: our famous "Blonde" and "Brunette" dates. They are exclusive to Shields Date Garden and grown nowhere else. He also developed the Date Crystal®, a combination of dates blended together and used primarily in our date shakes. They are also used on salads, cold cereals and baked products. Date Crystals® do not need refrigeration and when kept in a moisture-proof container will last for many years. They are also preservative free and can be purchased organically.

We still grow our famous varieties without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. There are no preservatives used in our dates. Shields' dates are a healthy, natural treat that is higher in potassium than bananas, with no fat and no sodium.

We look forward to seeing you or talking with you this season. As always, we are humbled by the support you have given us. We thank you for that continued support.

Location & Hours
80-225 U.S. Highway 111, Indio, CA 92201

Main: (800) 414-2555 or (760) 347-0996
Café: (760) 775-0902