All Dates

Our California dates are grown in the Coachella Valley and delivered fresh from our date garden.
Homemade Date Butter
Price: $6.99
Date duet pack
Price: $21.25
Homemade Date jam
Price: $6.99
Date Toppings
Price: $6.00
Diced Dates
Price: $13.95
Halawi Dates
Price: $31.25
Jumbo Royal Medjools - Gift
Price: $20.25
Road Runner Pack
Price: $25.25
Stuffed Dates Plate
Price: $15.99
Royal Medjool Plate
Price: $11.99
Khadrawi Dates
Price: $31.25
Zahidi Dates
Price: $31.25
Monarch Assortment
Price: $31.95