Shields Date Crystals
Shields Date Crystals®
100% pure dates. The size of oatmeal flakes, Crystals® are used in numerous ways.  They can be added to salads to make a unique taste and style.  Many of our customers use them on their oatmeal everyday! Date Crystals® are Shield's secret ingredient for our famous date shakes. We provide recipes by Mrs. Shields that are tried and true. Her Crystal recipes pamphlet will give you hours of enjoyment and delicious bakery items to impress all your friends and family.

SKU #86 - 1.5 lbs bag -  $16.50 
SKU #85 - 3 lbs bucket -  $28.50 
SKU #84 - 5 lbs bucket -  $39.75 
SKU #116 - 2 x 5 lbs buckets -  $71.25