The Theater.

Theater History: To draw the attention of visiting tourists and to promote his unique commitment to date cultivation, Floyd Shields offered lectures in the back garden throughout the 1940’s and 50’s that described the painstaking process of date cultivation.  Eventually his lecture evolved into a slideshow and a recorded soundtrack that played on a continual basis.  In 1951 he opened the Romance Theater and titled this presentation, “The Romance and Sex Life of the Date” a very challenging title for that time.  To this day you can see and hear this film when visiting Shields Date Garden.

In March of this year Shields made some additions to the Theater.  Installing a new sound system, projector, and wireless microphone system allowing the Theater to be rented out for cooperate events and seminars.  The Theater seats 105 people.  For more information regarding renting out the theater please contact Annellie Miranda the event coordinator via email.

Make It A Date With Shields!