For almost a century Shields Date Garden has been a place where people come to experience date culture.  From the moment you walk through our doors, customers are greeted by every imaginable product incorporating dates.  Sit at our quintessential 1960’s original shake counter and sip on a full flavored refreshing date shake.  Learn about dates by watching our film, “The Romance & Sex Life of the Date” (which plays continuously every day).  Taste the many different variety of dates we grow and harvest ourselves at our sample counter, but make sure to leave room for our award-winning Cafe that plates quality breakfast and lunch items, many featuring dates.  Complete your Shields venture with a breathtaking walk through our 17-acre date grove and botanical garden which showcases 23 hand crafted statues that depict the life of Christ.  Shields is a place where you can remember the past and create new memories for your future.